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Bear Creek Kennels - "The Barn"

"The barn" was constructed in 1978. Its a large building with many rooms and stalls that once held cows and horses, and dogs. An old hay loft is still above the horse stalls. The original founder of Bear Creek Kennels, Ed and Eloise Dewar raised Labrador Retreivers at one time. The original kennels still are untouched from when it was founded. The only animals that live in our barn  in the spring, summer and fall now are Georgie and Midnight a couple of neutered cats that were not suitable as house cats. 

The Front Yard​

This area is not fenced in. Its a place where often a summer interview is done, a friendly visit or an adoption. It has many benches and picnic tables and faces the West where we have watched many beautiful sunsets with the dogs.

Front of the Shelter

Shelter building was built in 2003. Special thanks to Dennis King for funding a large majority of the expense for this building and to Hugh MacDonald for many financial contributions to this building. 

Volunteers that helped raise the roof; Louise Sunstrum, Geri McBurney, Hugh MacDonald, Mathieu Jeanneault, Russell Guspie, Charlie Stover, Donald Seguin, Chuck, Mike Gauthier, Dave and (please message me if you are not on this list )

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