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Where shopping helps an animal in need

Rescued Treasures

Our Mission

Rescued Treasures is something that the All Heart Team has been thinking about for a very long time.  Covid made it next to impossible to be able to do our normal fundraising. We had the opportunity to open a small store with rent we thought we could afford. We got the keys on December 1, 2021. On December 9, 2021 we opened a fully stocked little store just in time for Christmas.

Our hours

We are run by a team of volunteers. Our hours may depend on availability of our helpers, and also the status of COVID.

Please be patient with us.

 We are ironing out the kinks as we go.

 We would like to eventually be open Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Saturday. 

Currently our hours are posted on our facebook page (Rescued Treasures) or on the front door of the store.


We are so very grateful for everyones help! Unfortunately our space is not very large. We do not want it to end up cluttered. 

At this time, it is easiest for us to drop off donations at the pet rescue (430 Oakwood Road- Powassan) in our donation shed. Please leave a little note with your items so we can thank you.

When we have room on our storage shelves we will give the green light for drop off at the store.

List of things we are looking for

We are trying to keep the earth as green as we can not only by recycling unwanted items, but also staying away from as much plastic thrift items as possible. 

We are not perfect and do have plastic in our store. 

Clothing. We will take anything that is clean and currently seasonal (due to lack of storage)

I especially love vintage decor! If its made of tin, wood, wicker, or paper we can likely take it.

We take shoes, purses, wallets, sandals, shorts, dresses, skirts, pants, tshirts, pjs, jackets.

Items we take; dishes (coloured glass always welcome), Artwork, games, puzzles, decor, jewelry, candles, anything vintage!

We currently do not have room for large furniture items, electronics, or winter items

 (this will be updated as time permits)

For further inquires please email us at

Some of the things you might find in the store

Contact us


No answering machine. If we answer we are here!

510 Main Street Powassan Ontario P0H 1Z0


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