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Wall of adopted pets 

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The big rescue of 2020

****** The content of this note may be upsetting. It details the circumstance which a large amount of dogs came into All Heart since October of last year. ******

We all know that 2020 was a very difficult year for all of us. This world pandemic is unreal. 

It has also the most emotional year "behind the scenes" at All Heart since  1999. That is when I did a large scale German Shepherd Rescue. Barbara Carlson was charged with cruelty to animals on many accounts. She had over 100 intact German Shepherds living in squalor in  a house in Sault Ste Marie Ontario. 

Well..... here is the last 6 months from hell for me!!.....

In September of 2020 I had formed allies with another rescue that was unknown to me. She was from the Niagara Falls area. According to the "Rescue" person, she had her life threatened by neighbours and Animal Welfare people.   The condition of her small  property  under the highway for the 50+ dogs she had rescued was not maintained. a She did not have proper drainage and the dogs were living in mud outside, while others were in crates in the garage and being rotated outside. Some of the dogs were tied to dog houses on prong collars. (photos)

I was enthusiastic about helping the "Rescue" woman  but also confused about the vague information I was being given.

On Thanksgiving weekend 2020 All Heart took in 4 of her dogs. They were filthy, their stench like rotting fish, they were thin, and had visible  animal bite marks on their ears, face, and body. Photos were taken. The dogs that arrived that day were Lulu (fixed), Max, (intact) Trilogy (fixed) aka Apollo and Cannon (intact) aka Cannonball.

These dogs would need lots of time, money and rehabilitation to be adoptable

It has certainly been a long road to recovery.

Then on boxing day another load of dogs came. This time we got Legend, Citrus (intact) Crem, Radio(fixed), Whiskey(intact), Bandit (fixed)

Radio had a large  fresh bite wound on his leg and would need immediate care. Whiskeys body had over 33 scabs from obvious attacks by other dogs while in her care.

Then at the end of January- the rescuer brought us four more dogs;

Diesel (neutered) Libby (intact), Hype (neutered) Reign (intact)

Sadly this was the worst of the bunch. Diesel the German Shepherd was in really bad shape. He was weak, emaciated weighing in at 54 lbs, he was a large dog and could have easily been 100lbs , he was dehydrated and not overly responsive. His foot was bandaged and I asked that it be removed infront of me. I took photos at that moment. He had a 2  1/2 inch chunk out of his leg that was clearly in need of vet care. His bone was exposed under the bandage. We brought Diesel to the vet and we had him xrayed, blood work done, fluids and pain meds given. But, his 4 years on earth were to come to an end- we had him humanly euthanized as he was too weak to fight any longer.  Diesels condition started an Investigation with the Provincial Animal Welfare Society. The rescuer was charged the next day with animal cruelty. This investigation is continuing.*

Libby the 6 year old Rottweiller was also in bad shape, she was 51 lbs (which was 30 pounds under weight) both ears infected badly, she had chunks of skin and bite marks all over her body, she had a foul smell and her entire back (saddle) was covered in a putrid fungas. The rescuer also admitted to me that Libby had an embedded collar. Still to this day Libby does not have any hair around her neck. Her teats were quite large and looked like she had possibly been bred.  (photos of her were taken upon arrival)

Hype the German Shepherd was very thin and lively. 

Reign the German shepherd type was extremely afraid of dogs and people. She was thin and very foul smelling.

All 14 of these dogs came in with Giardia, Coccidia, Roundworm and Hookworm. It cost All Heart Pet Rescue over $1500 in deworming alone.

So many people contributed to these pets. A gang in the Coburg area had a large fundraiser where thousands of dollars in food, products, bedding, supplements and toys were donated. (K9 Fit, KLAWS, Creatures Big and Small)

During the past 6 months I have worked day and night trying to find out background information on these dogs, get vet care, heal their wounds and souls, rehabilitate them and try to find them the right homes.

Unfortunately at the end of February I was sent a letter by the "Rescuers" lawyer threatening me with a Cease and Desist Letter with reference to Defamation. 

You see....- this rescuer allegedly has discovered she has breast cancer, and I am the monster for not being caring, compassionate, or professional.

It is with great sadness that I tell all of you that this "rescue" situation has consumed me so much that I have been in councelling every 2 weeks, I do not sleep a lot and I am nauseated, i have lost a lot of weight , I have developed a quite painful ulcer and have been under doctors care for months.

I may get chastised for airing out my dirty laundry.  I am not looking for sympathy- but merely understanding. I am having a tough time. I have no idea what i would do without Maddie, Marnie, Christine and Blair out at the rescue property. And Christine Bonde has been running her butt off for us, Howes Fan and Lighting, Bins and Bins, Precious Paws, Lisas Doghouse, Pet Valu, Cassells Animal Hospital-and.... and... and... all the people, my friends, the businesses  that have held us up during covid. I appreciate each and everyone of you. Thank you for taking the time to spread love.

Now to the good part!!!

It is with lots of tears and joy that I announce the adoption of Libby the 6 year old Rottweiller (now all fixed up and spayed), Reign the 4 year old German Shepherd (now all fixed up and spayed- and normal!), Bandit the 4 year old German Shepherd- now clear of his brutal ear infections, parasites and skin issues, Hype the young German Shepherd (lives with Bandit!!) has now gained quite a bit of weight, and healthy and happy. Canon (now Zeus) the 4 year old Black German Shepherd is now confident, parasite free, and loving. See photos below of them in their homes :)

Folks- none of this would have been possible without you!

Keep on being you. 


Kathy :)

"Together we have made a difference"

Bandit and Hype loving life with the Moore family. We get regular updates. They are doing fabulous. They are trustworthy family members with the 3 children in the household. Im proud of how far these boys have come!

(no they were not a bonded pair- they had not met until they were at the other rescue.

Reign is so loved by John and Janice.

She has come such a long way. From a shut down fearful, sickly girl to a little blossom. We get regular updates from her family and she is loving her new life!

Libby is right at home with Lisa and Doug. She is happy and at ease. She has gained 30 lbs and looks amazing. Her spay was slow to heal but she is clearly recovering well on her new couch :)