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All Heart Pet Rescue relies on donations to be able to operate. The cost of vetting one dog can easily exceed $1000 if dental and altering is done.  We have major fundraisers that help offset these costs like our pancake breakfast in the spring and our walk a -thon in the summer. We also appreciate any donations that people send our way. 

We appreciate donations of all sorts.. from dog and cat items that can be new or used, pop cans, Canadian tire money, cash and household items for our online auction.

Please note that we are a not for profit organization.


Mailing Address: 430 Oakwood Road, Powassan Ontario, P0H 1Z0

Drop Off Locations for Auction Items in North Bay: Howes Fan and Lighting, Precious Paws Doggie Daycare

See our Facebook page below by clicking on the Facebook symbol!


  • Chicken base dog food 

  • Salmon based food

Dog food examples: Performatrin, Go, Presidents Choice, Royal Canin, Orijen, Honest Kitchen, Lifetime, Kirkland

  • Kitten Dry Food 

  • Adult Cat Food

Cat food examples: Performatrin, Purina, Presidents Choice, Iams, Science Diet

  • Leashes. 
  • Liver dog treats
  • Bleach: Dry or wet (comet/ javex)

  • Dish soap of any kind
  • Clear trash bags
  • Regular black trash bags
  • Large Ziploc type bags
  • paper towel
  • Cat treats

  • Dog toys; kongs, hard plastic bones Nyla bone

  • spray cleaners ie(comet, spic and span, Mr clean, Lysol etc)
  • Industrial empty spray bottles
  • 6 feet high chain link fencing
  • A load of topsoil to fill holes dogs have dug!
  • A load of Pea gravel for a yard
  • Pill pockets for dogs
  • Rubber mats without fabric
  • Bricklayer to fix brick walls in the shelter
  • Money toward; Vet bills, propane to heat buildings, hydro to keep things running, gasoline for lawn tractors, whipper snippers etc...
  • Canadian Tire Money
  • Gift Cards
  • Clean items from your home so we can put them in our online auction to generate funds.
  • Beer/pop/alcohol bottles to cash in for funds to pay bills
  • Water/pop for volunteers
  • Granola bars for volunteers/visitors kids 

Currently, we are NOT in need of; collars, blankets, comforters, pillows, ammonia.


We have a ton of these and are willing to share if you know someone in need.


What is our Online Auction?

Our online auction is a week-long auction that 100% of the proceeds go towards the animals. We take unwanted items from your household and put them up for auction for someone else to enjoy.

This all happens on our Facebook page. Click below to join our page!

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