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Pets who are currently available for foster / adoption.

Find out more today about the next steps to adoption! 


  • Male

  • June 28 date of birth

  • Litter trained

  • Love to play

  • Can be a bit timid with new people but once comfortable loving

  • Have had first vet visit, first vaccines and dewormed

  • Adoption fee $175

  • Spay/neuter contract must be signed

  • Portion of adoption fee reimbursed when fixed

  • Come with complete adoption package


  • 1 year old
  • Neutered Male
  • Very strong * 
  • Needs a physically strong owner who can walk him

  • Good with adult male dogs
  • Not good with cats 
  • Good with kids
  • LOVES to play ball
  • Would recommend him to be crated when left alone


  • Please read what his foster family has to say:

  • Jones, aka Jonesy, is such a sweet and gentle boy! He is still learning to trust humans (can be skittish), but he immediately took to our 11-year-old female Australian Sheppard. They enjoy lounging around the house together for most of the day. He has been learning to play with our 2-year-old male Bernese/Pyrenees mix. Over the past few weeks, they progressed from simply play bowing at each other to tumbling and jumping over one another. He would do best in a home with other dogs who also have calm/submissive temperaments.

  • He is crated overnight and has been putting himself to bed around 9:30 pm. He sleeps through the night wakes up around 6:30 am and whimpers to let us know that he needs out to potty. We are still working on daytime potty training (occasional messes indoors).

  • When we go out for walks, we use his harness, and he does well alongside our other dogs. He has been going for regular walks on both forest trails and country roads. We did try a solo walk with him in town, and he got spooked by a dog barking from a window. He froze up a bit and we had to cut the walk short. I think he would have been OK if we had brought our other dog along.

  • Although he is skittish, he loves going on adventures! He enjoys car rides and did very well out on the boat. He also went to the CrossFit gym in town and was happy to be tethered beside us, laying on his bed during the workout. When approached gently, he will let you rub his chest and pet his head. Otherwise, he will scoot back and hide. He is highly food motivated and treats will help lure him out of his shell.



  • 1.5 years of age

  • Requires an active home

  • Very strong!

  • Loves to play ball

  • Not good with small animals

  • Unknown with kids


  • 1 year of age

  • Very sweet girl

  • Quiet

  • Good with large male dogs

  • Does not like small dogs

  • Very clean in kennel 

  • No cats

  • Clean inside

  • Timid of new people but once she warms up to you she's wonderful


Female -spayed

Lab xHound x

2 years of age

We recommend that you read about dogs from "hoarding situations" before considering this dog.

Would do best with another social dog in the home

Would do best with older children 

Would do excellent with someone who has lots of time to help socialize her

Requires 3x meet and greet appt before going in the home


When Rona came in she didn't seem to know what human contact was all about. Their nails 1.5 inches long, their toes splayed apart because of their nails, 40% of their bodies were covered in a skin fungus where they didn't have hair. They all had many bite wounds on them as well. 


She needs time to trust. 

She is considered a flight risk therefore require a secure fenced in yard. They have slowly learned what a leash is but still would rather run in the secure yard without it. 


DOB 03-05-14, Male neutered, 

  • Good once he meets a person, would do best with a few meet and greets

  • Good with all dogs,

  •  Impeccable inside - not destructive or has accidents

  • House training 10/10

  • Would do best with older children as he is not a fan of his collar being touched.

  • Would do best with a few introductions, can be wary of people

  • No cats


Sam is a Northern dog that was weary of strangers and was captured and brought South for a better life.

Sam has been neutered. He is house trained and loves food.

Sam needs someone that will understand what he has been through. He would do great as an only dog, or do well with female dogs or passive males.


  • Kids: 12yrs+

  • Cats: Unknown

  • Dogs: No dominant males, no intact males

  • High energy - no apartments or condos

  • Can be dominant with other dogs

  • Neutered Male

  • Can be vocal with people



  • Spayed, female, up to date on shots

  • Approximately 1 year of age

  • Has short tail and tipped ears, possibly from old injury

  • Loves attention and being pet

  • Has had a lot of change in her life recently, would do best with a very slow introduction to her new home

  • Prefers clay litter only

  • On a digestive food due to inconsistent bowl movements

  • Would do best in a home with no other dogs because she can be timid.

  • Was picked on by cats in her past, she is not mean with other cats but would do best with a very calm cat or no other cats in the home


Foxy is a 7+ year old female cat, spayed

 Unfortunately the baby had allergies which is why she came to us. She has a very long way to go as in her home she was quite skittish and did not like physical touch. She does not like to be brushed so she would be shaved a few times a year at the vet. Foxy requires special food as she would vomit when on other food.

She needs a very patient home with no other animals.

She will sniff your fingers to get to know you and will allow head pets once bonded

Does not like to be picked up 


Meet Sassy!

Spayed female DOB: 1/31/2019

She LOVES head scratches. Unfortunately she came in with quite a few mats on her back end so there is a part where she had to be shaved. Once she has had enough of brushing she will get grumpy. Once you stop brushing she will be very happy with head pets. She was in a home previously with small children and another cat.

  • Good with dogs.

  • Litter trained

  • She is good with passive cats but does not appreciate high energy cats

  • Has a big personality and can be defined as "on her own terms" 



  • Neutered

  • 3 year old male

  • No intact male or small animals

  • Needs someone to continue with his obedience training

  • Kids: 12+

  • Loves attention

  • Requires experienced home

  • No cats


  • Neutered

  • Travels well in a car

  • Quiet

  • Clean inside

  • Physically strong

  • Good with kids (will jump up, older kids recommended) 

  • Very sweet

  • No intact male dogs or small dogs



  • 4 years of age

  • No cats

  • No small dogs

  • Good with large male dogs

  • House training 10/10

  • Can be destructive - would do best in a crate unattended

  • Requires a patient home, can be timid

Animals Under Rehabilitation

Some of the dogs listed below are currently under rehabilitation. These dogs are not yet available for adoption or fostering. Some of these dogs may have come into our care due to possession aggression issues, fear aggression, who are feral or have bitten. Once these dogs are out of rehabilitation they will be added with our current animals for adoption. At this time we may not know if they are good with kids, cats or other dogs. Animals who are not yet fixed over 6 months of age will not leave the pet rescue until they are fixed.

AHPR Adoption Fees

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