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All Heart Pet Rescue History

Kathy Jeanneault has been an animal lover her entire life. Growing up as an only child, pets were often company for her.

As she grew up and started to have a family which included cats and a dog. She wanted to do more. Kathy was called upon by a kennel owner at 27 years of age to operate a boarding kennel.. Since she was married with two children she thought it would be a great opportunity to do what she loved and also be a stay at home mom.

After 2 years of running the boarding kennel "Bear Creek Kennels" The owner Dave McClatchie would put it up for sale. Kathy and her husband Don would do everything they could to buy the kennel.

Kathy saw another opportunity come her way, an Animal Control position was up for tender in Callander. Why not apply and help animals and have a little part-time job for herself.

Well, that's where it all began.

Rather than having the stray dogs euthanized Kathy decided to find the dogs a home. One at a time.

The word quickly got out and she was getting referrals from local Vet Clinics about a dog or cat people couldn't keep because they were moving or were having it put to sleep for ridiculous reasons.

The numbers started to grow. Before she knew it she was putting up extra kennels for the rescues. Then a building.

Now 22 years later, Jeanneault is known across Ontario, and Montreal Quebec as well. All Heart Pet Rescue is a registered "Non-Profit" organization. She prides herself on dog rehabilitation. Taking in as many as 150 dogs slated for death each year. As for boarding she only does VIP care. Otherwise houses up to 30 homeless dogs a few cats and occasionally the odd rodent. 


Jeanneaults love for German Shepherds

In 1995 she got her first German Shepherd named Jake. He was not house trained, was not good with other dogs, nor was he good with cats. He was the challenge that started her breed specific passion

Then in 1998, she got an urgent call from the Sault Ste Marie Humane Society. They had seized 123 CKC Reg'd German Shepherds and they needed places to go.

Jeanneault and her small crew took in 13 German Shepherds. The oldest of the bunch. They had social, medical and genetic issues. But that did not stop her from finding homes for all of them. 

Before she knew it, the word had travelled across Ontario via the media and the requests for help with Shepherds started to come in.

It is well known across Ontario's major cities that Jeanneault is your girl. She has taken in hundreds of Shepherds from SPCA's that may have faced euthanasia.

"After 27 years All Heart Pet Rescue no longer taking aggressive dogs"

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